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Mash Dem Borders Down

July jungle mix – broken amen heavy ragga jungle sounds from all your favourites – Stivs, Jahba, Enduser and DJ /rupture – featuring latest sick remix from Stiv alongside Scion and Ed Cox, Bun Down Di System – plus a sick tune from the mysterious Drugray, Man Don’t Mean No Prublem – also high time for pulling out the Billy Jean jungle mix from DJ C – and a big electronica intro – bigups to all the artists.

No Borders


62:31, 143.4MB, 320k mp3

1. Melissa Juice – Boards of Canada
2. Where Bluebirds Fly – Radiohead
3. Tale From Black – Tunng
4. Civil Disobedience – Ghislain Poirier
5. Theme From Fuck-Daddy – Hellfish & Producer
6. Not Drowning But Raving (Album Version) – The Baghdaddies
7. Lonely Soul – UNKLE
8. Punk Not Dead, Cave Good and Strong – 1-Speed Bike
9. The National Anthem – Radiohead
10. Dancing Demons – Kid Spatula
11. Gone A Version – DJ C
12. President of Hoochie Land – Ward 21
13. K-Hole – Ghost
14. Soundgun Emergency (feat. Aceyalone & Jah Orah) – DJ C & Zulu
15. No So Distant Drums (Line47 Remix) – Enduser
16. Man Don’t Mean No Prublem – Drugray
17. It Gets Worse (feat. Pamela Kurstin) – DJ C
18. Bun Down Di System (Dog Shit Crew & Scion Mix)- Collie Buddz
19. Donald Gorgonald – Kanthem – Jahba
20. Descarriada – DJ /rupture
21. Tundra – Squarepusher
22. Vordhosbn – Aphex Twin
23. Retreat (Stiv n Scion Remix) – Garnett Silk
24. 1000001 Style – Amen Andrews
25. Billy Jungle (feat. Shinehead) – DJ C
26. Footprints – Twinhooker & Paulie Walnuts
27. Midnight in Melksham – The Zen Hussies
28. Dreamy Days SFA Dub – Roots Manuva

Puerto Morazán, Nicaragua – twinned with Bristol

Here’s a film I made about this place, in 2 parts. It’s a very basic intro, aimed at kids. For the film, I tried not to make a “here look at these poor peasants” film, which can easily reinforce our ideas that the rest of the world are some kind of second-class people. It’s meant to avoid being a liberal, raised, perspective where the viewer is elevated above the gritty reality of life in “the last corner of Nicaragua” (check the background voice at 2:40 of part 2 – a remarkably lucid comment from an otherwise drunk and annoying guy). It’s meant to allow the viewer to empathise with Puerto Morazanains, whilst it does draw out some more subtle differences – that kids have to retake their year if they fail their exams, for example.

My issue was that having made it with this framework in mind, I began to worry that this could be seen as washing out the reality of poverty and failing to take the opportunity to analyse the structural causes of this poverty. Bearing in mind the intended audience – Bristol school kids – the coda text was an attempt to reconcile this and introduce the viewer to the craziness of the Contra scandal: the CIA illegally and secretly continued to fund the Contras – short for contra-revolucionarios – through funds from the sale of arms to Iran in the 1980s. This story is a fascinating case-study for understanding the history of US foreign policy in Central America in the latter half of the twentieth century. The pattern is clear that the US elites, through the CIA and quasi-private corporations, deliberately obstructed and sabotaged any economic or social development autonomous to that authorised and decreed by the US establishment through the IMF and the World Bank, characterised as neo-liberal.

I’m really pleased with the finished product. The footage was shot on my stills camera, which takes 10 frames per second video, in 30 second clips! It’s highly basic, some camera phones might be better these days. But I wanted to give it a go to show what can be done on basic equipment with a clear idea of what you want to show – and some nice software to edit it with. And if you have a sick fast internet connection, click the HQ button below the video to see the High Quality version… hope you like it.

Stranded in Panama – Bouncestep mix – May 2009

New link! Mastered version! Bouncy party beats on a jungle / breakbeat tip.


Title: Stranded in Panama

Length: 60:39

320kps mp3


1. U.R.A.Q.T. (DJ C Mix) – M.I.A.
2. Boston You’re My Bounce – DJ C
3. Bermuda Green – Stiv
4. Sweet Dreams – Eurythmics
5. Get Your Whistle Wet (DJ C Remix) Featuring The Hustle Heads – Mochipet
6. Serve That Bouncy – DuoTone
7. 50 Ways feat. Amanda Blank (Chipset & Devlin Remix) – Paul Simon
8. Ransom The Senator – DJ C & Zulu
9. Belgrade Riddim (DJ C Remix) – Sub Swara
10. Beatles vs Kraftwerk – Soulwax
11. Enemy Of The Enemy – Asian Dub Foundation
12. My Red Hot Car – Squarepusher
13. Pop Pop V.I.P. – Vex’d
14. Since You’ve Been In This Club (Kelly Clarkson Vocal Mix) – DJ C
15. Say My Name RMX – Stiv
16. Somebody’s a Flirt – DJ C (ft. A1 Bassline, R. Kelly, T.I. & T-Pain)
17. Illegal Dustbin (Original Mix) – Squarepusher
18. Fuck Fuck Fuck (DJ C Mix) – DJ Donna Summer
19. Body Work (Chrissy Murderbot’s Body Juke Mix) – DJ C & Zulu